5 Simple sideline business during halloween

Sideline business during halloween

October is about to end and we know that Halloween is just around the corner. While many of the Filipino families are planning how they are going to spend this Halloween holiday, some are looking and planning to start a sideline business during Halloween. If you're one of them, this short article might help you. 5 Sideline business during Halloween 1. Selling Candles This would be one of the in-demand simple … [Read more...]

The common secret of success from successful people


From reading a lot of successful stories and watching a lot of inspirational videos, I came to realize that there's a common secret of success from successful people. If you're down and having hard times in your life right now, I'm sure this will give some glimpse of inspiration. Let me share it to you. We always hear the old school quote that says, "as long as you live there's hope". And today I'm going to … [Read more...]

Do you really need to become a financial advisor to give financial advice?


As more and more readers came into this blog, I received a lot of questions if I am a financial advisor. And for the record, I AM NOT. At least for now. Do you really need to become a financial advisor to give financial advice? When I started this blog, the idea is to document my financial freedom journey and to share personal finance tips and financial literacy to people WHO RESONATES with it. I didn't aim to … [Read more...]

Life in the province is easier and more simple but why many are still poor?


I grew up in the province of Laguna in a small town named Santa Maria. Admittedly, I can tell that life in the province is much easier and more simple than here in the city. But in terms of personal finance, many are still NOT financially educated that keeps them poor. Here's why. Growing up in the province and then living and working in the city gave me the thoughts to compare life and situations in both … [Read more...]