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Job security

Your job is not secured as you thought. Here’s why.

Job security is what almost people aim in their lives. Steady income, paid vacation, health and medical coverage, nice office and many more. The fact that we were raise to become on employee by our parents and our society, it is always in our DNA to look a good company and a high paying job. But hey let me tell you this, your job is not secured as you thought! Here's why. The company you're working for treat all the employee as a moving asset. Meaning, you can have or you can lose your ... Continue

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life purpose

Why do you want more money?

Everyone wants more money. Everyone wants to be rich. But in most cases, they don't know the real reason why. Reality check: If someone will give you P100M right now, what would you do? What would you feel? Are you going to stop working? Will you buy ... Continue

the elephant rope

The elephant rope: False human belief

Another inspirational Monday for you buddy. Today let me inspired you again with a very short but valuable story. This is regarding the elephant rope. As you read, you'll realize that there are things in life that hold us back. We believe that ... Continue