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12 False ilipino money beliefs

12 Filipino money beliefs that will make you poor forever

Many Filipino money beliefs are one of the main cause of poverty in the Philippines. Whether we like it or not, it's the "mindset" that stopping us from being one of the richest country in Asia and in the world. Most of us think that having more money and becoming rich is a sin. It looks like if you have more money and you're rich, you're a bad and greedy individual. That's what most of us think. But in reality, those are just one of the many "Filipino money beliefs" that burned deep in ... Continue

Best Binary Option brokers in the Philippines

Best Binary Options Brokers in the Philippines

Ask a friend, or a family member, about the stock market and the mathematics and science of it. Chances are, you would end up getting a frown or a confused and startled look from them. True to the saying, we exhibit this natural reaction when there is something that we do not understand exactly. Sure […]

ICON 2016

ICON 2016: An Investment Conference.

ICON 2016 is happening again this coming May 28, 2016 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM at SM Aura Samsung Hall Taguig City. The whole day event is a full-packed conference with nothing but the best speakers known in the financial industry in the Philippines. To give you a glimpse, here are the speakers for ICON […]

How to invest in real estate in the Philippines

Why “NOW” is the best time to invest in Real Estate Properties?

When I was young, my family lived in the squatters’ area and we could not afford to buy our own house. During those times, I experienced several demolition events in our area. It’s really a terrible experience for a kid like me. There was still a funny side after all. After every demolition and when […]

How to get sss number online in the Philippines step 1 (640x413)

How to get SSS number online in the Philippines

Previously I shared a tutorial on how you can get a SSS number in the Philippines. But that is manual and need you to physically apply and get the SSS number on SSS branch near you. Today, it’s already possible to apply and get SSS number online in the Philippines. With the use of technology […]

when budget and saving is not enough

5 Things to do when you follow a budget and saving hard but still not enough.

Are you following a budget and saving hard but you feel it’s still not enough? I feel you. Sometimes I do. And I know most people too. This usually happen when you compare yourself to others, when you’re getting impatient with your goals, not budgeting correctly or maybe trying so hard for yourself. It could […]