Last day in the corporate world.


Yesterday was our last day in the office. As I have shared on this article, we were "laid off" as part of the company's new strategy probably to save and earn more money in the long run. And yes, mass lay off and cost cutting also happens in the Philippines especially in BPO sector. That said, that also marked my last day in the corporate world. Here's what I mean. For the past month and several weeks after … [Read more...]

How to know when to buy and when to sell your shares in the stock market


Ok, so you realized you need to invest for your future. And upon careful study and after attending seminars, you opened an account and started investing the the stock market. Congrats! You're now called a stock market investor. Geez! But wait, here's some problem. You fund your account and plan to buy your first shares. Everything is set. As exciting as it seems, after logging in to your account, you stare … [Read more...]

Supplement your income with these part-time online opportunities

Part-time opport

Making money from home is no longer reserved for those who telecommute to work. Any computer with an internet connection can potentially become a stream of income. And not just for computer programmers or technical gurus either. There are hundreds of ways a person can use a computer to supplement their existing income. A quick search will probably reveal a lot of offers for secret shoppers, surveys, … [Read more...]

A tale of two entrepreneurs. The art of taking action.

tale of two entrepreneurs

It's another inspirational Monday today. Let start the week with full of inspiration and positivity. On this short article, let me share you the tale of two entrepreneurs. Here you go. The tale of two entrepreneurs John and Joe both sat next to each other at work. They had graduated 10 years ago from the same private college, and set a promise to 'conquer the world together.' After realizing that … [Read more...]